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amoebafeeding3CNN is reporting that:

Brain-eating amoebae were found in DeSoto Parish, Louisiana, where a 51-year-old woman died from an infection in 2011, the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals said.

The parish’s Waterworks District No. 1 — one of 14 systems in the parish — was to flush its system with additional chlorine Wednesday to kill the amoeba, the department said in a release Tuesday.

The first symptoms are reminiscent of meningitis.

“Officials say fewer than 1% of patients survive the deadly brain infection caused by the amoeba, but an experimental drug from the CDC has shown promise in fighting it.

“Officials say the Mississippi 4-year-old who died in St. Bernard Parish in August had been playing on a homemade waterslide made of a long sheet of plastic when he contracted amoebic meningoencephalitis.”

It kind of makes you realize just how many things there are out there to kill you – apart from gun crime.

What a horrific story. My thoughts go out to the parents of the victims, and relatives of others who have been struck down. I thought this sort of thing didn’t happen anymore. Didn’t you?