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fox_ssr_rape_131017e-615x345Attorney Joseph Di Benedetto has raised eyebrows following an interview with Fox News anchor Shep Smith. DiBenedetto seemed to say that the rape of a teenage girl could be justified in certain circumstances.

Some background: “A Fox News guest said that a Missouri teen who says she was raped by a classmate was asking for it by going out late at night. He also accused her of lying.” (Attorney Joseph DiBenedetto on Fox News, via Huffington Post)

It really needs little argument that this is complete bullshit, particularly given the proliferation of sound feminist writing on the subject. But, then again, DiBendetto did keep saying “1AM in the morning,” which could call his mental ability into question. Maybe he got his bar card by collecting packets of potato chips and sending them in for a certificate.

idiot-pictureHis words “What did she expect to happen at one in the morning after sneaking out?”

As the Huffington Post notes, Smith called him out on it: “What you’ve done, Joseph, is taken an alleged victim of rape and turned her into a liar and a crime committer,” he said. “That’s a far jump from a 1,000 miles away.”

I agree with Fox News, which comes with consequences:

I shall now fetch my hairshirt and whip.