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alan-rusbridgerIt has become clear over the past 24-hours that the United Kingdom has been the victim of a sort of coup d’état. Strong language, you may say. Consider this: the Home Affairs Select Committee is essentially holding the press hostage through brute intimidation and threats of political arrest. That being the case, the UK has ceased to be a functional democracy.

These threats – not even veiled – are based on a foundation of sand. Take for example John Sawers, the head of MI6 who has said that Snowden and Rusbridger have terrorists “rubbing their hands together with glee.” Note that this is a generalized statement. It does not point to specific, tangible, verifiable evidence, yet it is being treated as such. An arrest based on this evidence would also amount to a political arrest. Again, this does not occur in a functional democracy.

Some have pointed out that the former MP Louise Mensch, author of so-called chick-lit books is making similar charges against Rusbridger. For the purpose of this article, we will treat her blog entry as superfluous and of little interest, mainly because we don’t like her and she’s a bit unhinged. There’s transparency, if you ever wanted it.

Back to our friends at the select committee, though. There was a palpable sense during Rusbridger’s testimony yesterday that not a single member of that committee wanted to hear justification for the publication of materials from the Snowden files. Why?

Writing for Reuters, Michael Holden and William James report that “Guardian articles over the last six months have shown that the United States and some of its allies, including Britain, were monitoring phone, email and social media communications on a previously unimagined scale.”

screenshot_3Politically, this is disastrous for both the United States and the United Kingdom. It provides strong evidence that both states have been undertaking a wholesale spy program on the citizens who elected them! Again, this just doesn’t occur in a functional democracy.

So, what now? Well, to begin, the Home Affairs Select Committee needs to be immediately terminated, and its members referred to the Met for investigation into charges of treason.

Next, the immediate dissolution of Parliament, a snap election, and the referral of the Cabinet to the Met for investigation into charges of treason.

That is the only way to “reset” the situation in the United Kingdom as it presently stands. It removes the rogue government, refers the appropriate people to the police for investigation, alleviates the pressure from the Guardian, reestablishes a free press and therefore democracy and allows the electorate to set a new mandate for the UK.

Anything less is simply piffle.